Welcome to the website of SusPaani [ Sustainable Paani (water) ] Lab at the Centre for Sustainable Technologies, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore. 

Water resources are limited and life without water is impossible. SusPaani Lab engages in research on: 

(i) sustainable treatment solutions for making this precious resource available (in adequate quantity and quality) for sustainable consumption, and 

(ii) sustainable wastewater treatment technologies for safeguarding and replenishing our precious water resources. 

You are invited to explore our website to get to know about our research focus, projects and translational works.


Sarosh, S.; Ramaswami, S. "Submerged aerated filter can offer high-rate robust nitrification at different temperatures,  Water Management in Changing Conditions (WMCC 2024) conference  [ accepted ].

Poster and presentation of Keerthi and Saquib receives recognition (award) at the 1st Indian International Conference on Water Quality Management.

Sarosh, S.; Ramaswami, S. (2023) "Packed bed biofilm reactor: a robust & compact technology for efficient nitrification in intensive recirculating aquaculture systems" in 1st Indian International Conference on Water Quality Management, 4-8 December 2023, Bangalore, India. 

New publication: Landfill leachate treatment using fungi and fungal enzymes: a review. https://doi.org/10.1007/s10532-023-10052-3

Best paper award for: Sarosh, S.; Ramaswami, S. (2023) "Engineering packed bed biofilm reactors for intensive recirculating aquaculture systems" in 7th World Water Summit & Expo-2023, 25-26 August 2023, New Delhi, India.