May 2023: Bachelor thesis research of Sirivibha S P, Esha Varma and Kavya B V  receives recognition bagging 2nd place at Pradarshana-2023, Ramaiah Institute of Technology. 

April 2023: Student project proposal by Sirivibha S P, Esha Varma and Kavya B V - final year B.Tech Chemical engineering students from MSRIT Bangalore, working in the Lab towards their Bachelor thesis - titled "High-rate packed bed biofilm reactors for robust and reliable nitrification of recirculating aquaculture system effluents" gets selected in the 46th series of Student Project Programme (SPP): 2022-23 of the Karnataka State Council for Science and Technology.

Mar 2023: Dr. Soni Kumari joins the group as postdoctoral researcher. Work on nitrification of aquaculture effluent published in Chemical Engineering and Processing: Process Intensification journal.

Feb 2023: Project with Epitome Components Pvt. Ltd.  towards treatment of about 600 m³/d wastewater aimed at water recycling and reuse.

Oct 2022: Vardhman receives Swachhta Saarthi Fellowship from the Office of the Principal Scientific Adviser, GoI.  Saquib clears comprehensive examination.

Sep 2022:  Young achiever award  2021 conferred on Dr. Sreenivasan by NIT Tiruchirappalli. 

Jul 2022: Dr. Sreenivasan presents on "Hybrid processes for the removal of organic micropollutants" at the Indo-German workshop "SuWaRec" at Hamburg University of Technology, Germany.

May 2022: Dr. Ajinkya K. Ranade joins the group as postdoctoral researcher. 

Apr 2022:  Work on modelling of adsorption of organic micropollutants published in Water Research

Feb 2022: Funding acquired from IGSTC for Indo-German workshop on the topic "Securing sustainable treatment for drinking water production and water recycling with focus on anionic contaminants "SuWaRec". 20-22 July 2022,  Hamburg University of Technology, Germany.

Jan 2022: The Lab receives SERB grant for research on removal of organic micropollutants. Lunawat Vardhman Manoj joins the Lab as doctoral researcher.

Nov 2021: Dr. Sreenivasan receives Young Achievers Award (YAA) from National Institute of Technology (NIT), Tiruchirappalli.

Oct 2021: Excursion to STP in IISc campus as part of the course Sustainable Wastewater Management.

Feb 2021: Keerthi N S and Richa Agrawal joins the Lab as doctoral researchers.

Oct 2020: Seed grant of Rs. 95 lakhs sanctioned by the Indian Institute of Science for establishing the Lab. Saquib Sarosh joins the Lab as doctoral researcher.

Jul 2020: SusPaani Lab was formed.